De-Toxifying Foot Pads (200pcs)

Product Description

These amazing innovative foot pads are formulated in Japan using natural tree extracts and powerful negative ions to remove harmful toxins from the body.The pads work according to the principle of foot reflexology. Users simply place the pads on the soles of the feet like large plasters before bedtime.

In the morning, the pads will have absorbed toxins accumulated in the body by pollution, radiation exposure, etc., turning the white pads taupe or black. Ancient Chinese medicine maintains that the sole of the foot is the focal point for circulation, so harmful waste accumulates in the feet. These pads remove the toxins safely and effectively and are a natural way to assist your body in eliminating: heavy metals, metabolic waste, toxins, microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals, cellulite, excess weight and much more.

Includes: - 200 detoxifying pads.

How to use: 

- Remove backing from adhesive sheet on the pad. 

- Place the pads on the soles of the feet (or a specific part of the body, such as the shoulder or the knee) before going to bed.

- In the morning, remove the pads. 

- The white pad should have changed to a grey/black tone after eliminating toxins. 

- Use a new pad every night until the color on the pad becomes clearer and clearer.