2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board Scissors

2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board Scissors

Swap your chopping knife and board for these one-of-a-kind kitchen scissors and change the way you prepare raw fruit, veg – or even meat – forever.

Incredibly sturdy and easy to hold, their spring-loaded soft-grip handles mean they look more like secateurs than scissors and make it possible to cut through even tougher veg like carrots and leeks with just a simple squeeze.

Featuring only one extra-sharp straight-edged, stainless steel cutting blade and a second flat-edged ‘board’ which acts as a stop for the blade to close against, their clever design allows you to chop, slice or dice with a lot less effort, away from the worktop and straight into your cooking pot or salad bowl.

Reassuringly well-made and easy to take apart for cleaning or sharpening.

Handles lock together for safe storage. Can be hung up from the loop on one handle.

Please note: not suitable for larger veg like sweet potato or butternut squash.

Product Features

  • One-handed knife and cutting board tool
  • Spring-loaded for extra power
  • Stronger than normal scissors
  • Cut raw fruit, vegetables or meat
  • Can use blade as a knife