(2 PAC) Ultrasonic Pest Rejector for Rats - Mosquitoes - Spiders - Bugs

Product description

Want to Ensure Your Home is Free of All Pests?

Then get your set of Pest Rejector Units to protect your family today!

How it Works:
The advanced ultrasonic technology produces ultrasonic waves to irritate the nervous system of pests so that make them uncomfortable and drive them away from your home. 


  • Safe & Humane for pets and humans
  • No killing, just repel pests away
  • Non-toxic
  • No smell or noise
  • Stops All Types of Pests: Mice, rats, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, spiders, flies, bugs, fleas, lizards, bats and more!
  • Can Protect Entire House: Each unit can protect up to 450ft (if unimpeded by walls/stairs) Such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, warehouse, garage, offices, shops, etc.
  • LED Night Light Built-in: Use in Hallways, Bathrooms or Kids Rooms
  • Easy to Use - Just Plug-and-Play

Rated power: 3W
Power supply voltage: AC 90-250V/50HZ-60HZ
Ultrasonic frequency: 22kHz - 65kHz

Please Note:

  • Do not block the unit with curtains or furniture completely
  • If you have a pest problem already, it may make them come out initially, but it will drive them away! (If your home is infested, you may need to use other means to eliminate pests first, then use these to prevent future infestations/issues)
  • This ultrasonic device works well - but patience is key as it these don't KILL pests, they drive them away!
  • The ultrasonic wave can't penetrate through walls, for better effect, one unit for one room, and several units for larger areas.